Iníon An Fhaoit’ ón nGleann

White’s Daughter of the Glen
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Carthach Mac Craith

Carthach Mac Craith

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English (machine translation)

Morning cheoch arises when,
and for connected-in out of the woods
and hit the treaghd there for me,
not remedied, unfortunately,
Your mheidhreach bhruinneall heard
in the woods listening loop,
is lit my heart with her ??graidhin
Or a good woman for me.

Walking part, make a move,
Without rest, without stopping, without cooling,
is the short night of summer there
is I am both a walk,
You will get treasures of provincial large
a scene my side harbors,
And Christ not róbhreá turn her
daughter the Fhaoit 'from the Valley.

And if I were sunny day
Sitting on the mountain I would be out,
is that the thrush blackbird
At seinniúint above me,
would like to scríobhfainn verse
is b'ionadh as would read them,
I love you to be seated
Miss Fhaoit 'from the Valley.

I am full of shame
By all measures which have been,
as a boy I was naughty
Or that I lost my sense,
But I live month or quarter
Unless I get a kiss and love you,
Permission stretched down led bhánchnis,
Miss Fhaoit 'from Valley.

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