Imeacht na mbád

Event boat
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English (machine translation)

That ríbhocht the story will not sailboat nothing left later,
are exempt missing is not a man attempts to suckling,
Of the three first boats large it was a while there we found,
But around leathscór as half gcorróidh not forever.

Mb'aoibhinn the scene is not 'was seen every morning fine,
Boats Rosmuc going down Dingle alongside start tide beach,
Those competing together look which would be best,
as once would have one string or east pier in Galway in County Clare.

The first secure the liberated, Lord, not a severe that capacity,
'used to be able to make between keel, married and later,
The list is too long, not luafad but the part did better:
Family O'Donnell, the Flaitheartaigh is the Casey behind in the attention.

The first farewell to the sailors, that was the best of men are self,
Working these boats are kept not right,
'was once able to catch in a tree outside the large teiscinn,
as when formerly a thornáil, not as lomaidís scóid fine.

Is my love-in the free made ??my bhádsa to right,
A short sticks floor, hip, topic tree and stand,
A tharráil the joints, not unlock the sun or heat,
is a chorcáil the síomaí not release forever drop in.

Is, when the day promised in the harbor below was the din,
used boats are bealáilte anchored out on the road,
when worn by the bullet, was trotting by old and young,
Running on the hills that lightheartedly to encounter and sport.

Is completed when the promised sea cargoes of bonfires',
was once again is music songs that he used in his day,
storytelling being as pint telling each man his hand,
But Supper members of the lorries left Connemara without boat.

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