Eirí Na Gréine

The Rising of the Sun
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Credits: Michael McGlynn. This song appears on Anúna's 1994 album Invocation (re-recorded 2002).

Credits: Michael McGlynn. This song appears on Anúna’s 1994 album Invocation (re-recorded 2002).

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A cock and a hen went together
They walked the length of Ireland 'til their hearts broke
They went to Galway with the rising of the sun
When the pair of them were jailed by the law

At Uiliam Ó hUileáin they were put out to grass
They ate hill berries and slept in the heather
Until the sheriff merrily came
And hustled the pair into B'l'Áth'n Rí

If you saw the cock on the day of the fair in the streets
A great hat at the rear and yellow gloves
Four long spurs of Spanish silver
And a whip in his hand as he came along like the king

They took him in until they spread his bones
And they spent that day sportively enough
And wouldn't it have been better for them to take the easy route
Instead of the way their fame spread across County Mayo

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