Cúirt an tSrutháin Bhuí

Brookview Court Parade
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English (machine translation)

It is not nice gift caught dressed her
Court Brook Parade,
on land made ??right the sun
in squeezing from every wind,
garden pleasure with side
A would a young age,
is received riches were without health
Fóiriúint there a month .

Whoever théanns the roadway as ghéilleanns two
San time to do it in a way,
day or two would have to burn
That ndearcfainn it thoroughly,
has said verbally Pope,
'Triallaidís about accurate,
language is the Applauds highest Ireland bhláthmhair
Court Brook Parade. '

For my life I would not
Two If I write with a pen,
on improving the deed by the free
A left who is blameless,
Joints finer chaideannaí
is without any crooked inches,
are the Queen Victoria angry about,
as her top recommendation.

Not nice sport is coming to harvest
Court Brook Parade,
On eyes of the road in the boundary
between the two countries,
has a fleet sent by ola treatment
With Queen of sardine,
is she dressed gates gold her,
a team sale king.

Still not been here than over
any Court as is,
By slate as marble floors,
a garden adjoining,
All pabhsae beautiful gcumhra growing there,
is honey on top of the Shrew,
is a port that traffic ship by boat
coming to the Yellow Stream.

The value of the inner shelf centuries together
in the Yellow Brook Court,
De elect gréithí gréithre the team,
a precise program, selling the king,
Piano made ??for the spéirbhan,
the time to be accurate,
is not of any great degree Irish man
Í be over.

When did the news throughout the region
Under the Court Brook Parade,
was King of Greece seeking news
How were made ??it,
not receive less than the first,
is he willing to pay,
as it is not in Ireland than in any region
House as is any.

Not many such that it is still not chaintíos
Forming in Brookfield Court Parade,
is there doing néamhainn Discharge torch
Before the king a large fleet,
confusion information is not exposed to them,
are able to watch day and night,
keeping accounts in front of,
a lighthouse with.

When is always every maiden trapped mounting
Coming to Stream Yellow,
In the garden of beauty which is always a pleasure
when they are all accurate,
was news throughout Ireland,
is all over the seven kingdom,
May festival and feast ahead mounted
At queen of the sardine.

When they were ready to feast and feast,
She pulled them magic,
In a way they could not deny
Not all were grateful,
She left those I resolve myself,
as I have thought a comic,
is where everybody got him self,
is pretended to relax.

We were happy morrow,
as we all appreciate,
as in many cases I do not mention it
A couple is always at home,
my brother strong powerful,
Mac O Chlochartaigh,
bring me twice to the time sociable space,
That will end it.

Michael Clochartaigh FPS,
This court is formed in the middle of the country,
is molaidh her ??top,
From house of the king and from the walls of the wizard,
is from every castle high,
not magic that has been made ??is,
But a prudent work hand,
nGobán comic branch of the Free,
Colm was in his head.

It should me one hundred per day
For Colm two woman,
Not great story would not get it,
is the festival that was in their hearts,
Property Tuirgéise that must be obtained is
in Court Brook Parade,
Two divided dhéirc a poor lifetime
At queen of the sardine.

The duck floating badgers both peaks there,
Hunting black valleys of heather,
is turlough instance, matters of race,
At those are enthralled,
The Church Grass crushed cut
Apart from the temple of Christ,
will Luther ugly expect pardoned
In Yellow Brook Court.

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