An Cuimhin Leat an Oíche Úd?

Do You Remember That Night?
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From Ailill: This is a song/poem I saw that I really liked so I've committed it to memory and recite it when I'm bored. more...

From Ailill:

This is a song/poem I saw that I really liked so I’ve committed it to memory and recite it when I’m bored. There was another poem written in Englsih I saw, about an old woman from the Blaskets who moved to the mainland in her final years and the poet said: “her mind was a child’s purse, full of useless things”. I’d like to have a few more useless things in my mind too. Anyway here’s the poem, and I’ll do a translation in a while. It’s in Munster dialect so the grammar may seem a little strange:

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Do you remember that night
You were at the window
Without a hat, without gloves
For your shelter, without a coat?

I stretched out my hand to you
And you gave it a squeeze
And I stayed in your company
Until the lark spoke.

Do you remember that night
That you and I
At the bottom of the rowan tree
And the night freezing?

Your head on my breasts
And your merry pipe a-playing
It's little I thought that night
That our wooing would be broken up!

O love of my innermost heart!
Come some night soon
When my people are asleep
For us to talk together.

My two arms will be around you
And me telling you my news
And it was your merry smooth gentle conversation
That robbed me of the sight of God's Heaven!

The fire is unraked,
The light is unextinguished
The key is under the door
And pull it quietly.

My mother is asleep
And I'm wide awake
My fortune is in my hand
And me ready to walk with you!

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