Chuaigh Mé ‘Na Rosann

I went to the roses
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This song appears on Clannad's second album Clannad 2, released in 1975.

This song appears on Clannad’s second album Clannad 2, released in 1975.

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I went on a visit to the roses
And looked towards the sky
And around the northern islands
Like a deer being followed by a dog
Everyone at the bay would say
On seeing me down by the quay
"I can see clearly by your sadness
That you are a man being chased"

I met a beautiful young woman
But she spoke sharply
"If you are a man who is engaged to a young woman
I do not praise your trade
I saw a man on the mainland
Walking without shoes yesterday
I think you are the young man
That you are being chased"

We became tired and sad
And I asked the gentle woman
"Where will we get a drink
That would lift the sadness from our hearts?"
There is a little house by the road
And they always keep a drop
Go and knock on the table
And you will not pay a penny"

I wasn't long making music
Before many came to the house
Everyman with a glass in his hand
To congratulate the couple
Spirits were widely available
There was much drinking
And if I pulled O'Donnell's gallon
My score would easily be settled

I happened to go into the pub
And I was nervous to sit down
In case the chase would come
And the young woman would be taken from me
When we found everything was as it should be
And I thought I should sit down
She said, "Make music
And you will not pay a penny"

When we relieved our tiredness with sadness
The young woman asked me
"Where do you live during the day
When you do not have a house of your own?"
I spend some time in the pub
I do not place importance on money
The amount I earn during the day
I spend on enjoyment at night"

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