Ceo draíochta

Fog magic
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English (machine translation)

Fog magical launched night to stray I,
on the mainland to Thana asleep,
Time expelled throughout woods without premises,
to Cape cod mBlarnan dish,
Your shuíos-in addition to trees green flowers,
Side I have come up,
the ríghbhean would love lovely love,
of descend from Adam down.

A bride of fine chrobhann gentle,
Have you Aoibheall over the mbánchnoc guard?
Have you Clíodhna or Maighre or Anne
Bean alarmed got barrcheart the crowd?
Or fíorghort gave tíosaigh the mBlarnan,
Faoileann is the beautiful chanting,
Or now turn Stíobhart was trivial,
is to again be our permanent premises.

A shéimhfhir, than tréigse be forever,
But Come with me down to Tyrone,
For a hundred bruinneall majestic enchanted place,
Under dhaorbhrataibh silk and satin,
will be a pleasure every day you have joy,
With feasts, with wines to beer,
and husband if you want to impress her,
San people you have wisely, young fetch.

A shéimhfhir not desert you, you never,
But tabhairse space months for me or him,
To ropes while to see my people,
is that ndéanfad each territory 'to render,
the story my relatives that insfead,
My first blessing ever to they have,
is no I tsaora dhaorchur subject to impress you,
If you thréigim, which ríghbhean, ultimately butter.

For réidheamair together in this way,
has unanimously without release forever,
for the day was coming faeiseamh 'not around,
is the héiníní at síorseinm music,
gave her view too I sincerely greater brilliance,
for I leaned saigheadaibh over sentiment,
is the narrator devotes recovery of the night,
is its thin mouth kiss sweet accords.

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