Céad slán le bliain an taca seo

Farewell to the support this year
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English (machine translation)

Oh, first secure your year and support this, not as nice as I was dressed,
I was able wept 'un speech gray in English and Irish,
Or that I married the chiomach react as a few cows and dispersion of gray,
she fhága cold is that I empty my skin is no shirt.

I left in the morning I wash my hands m'éadan,
I asked the nice girl she would 'un I boat,
allowed to Mum but she said she did not impede his father,
a hundred sorrows deacrach not burned in I approached the ground those days.

I was successful again and I grabbed my spade,
did not flash on the fireplace than falach the children,
is not that I killed myself or my concerns all increased,
But my baby screaming as the home of a neighbor chiomach .

Dhaoibhse Council, to play the part of you who are unmarried,
not fágaidh pretty girl behind because little smell,
as you clean hut Rest preferably with arrival evening
Do ash thanks two a week out on a Sunday.

I have two yellow gold and silver to be in my pocket,
I would shortcut path that house door, my darling,
As the eyes of God, to hear the sweet noise to Boots,
and I lost sleep that week I expect to taste a little kiss.

Iarraimse Mac Second day tomorrow was a gale,
and not tea boat on the sea but hardly Derry Fhatharta,
as I got a glass of whiskey from a woman with fair hair,
is thought that honey her when she went through his hands .

My curse for marriage not woe ever made ??by it,
as easily people require but difficult one to release,
When he became a knack out like a cow or a sheep,
He who dtaithneodh the woman at home with her drive 'un stage.

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