Carraig Aonair

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English (machine translation)

Oh, the carnage in question Monday róbhreá peace came,
and they went a little before half my day,
Fishing boat in danger bay,
is the year that remains after that I find in your death.

Oh, a young family of my heart, from, or pity you as?
Your the athairín poor totally alone at géarghol most by the IMF,
'The pole heavy prudent backs cold of the house,
is your best friend totally alone at céasnamh as I am.

Oh, my dear young daughter, from, or as a cry goilse,
As gheobhairse your choice young man who dug you a territory,
not get that my desire, from, or three of the men my stud,
not my modest four teaching of lúbairibh stud.

Cormac is my store, the choice young men,
For he was teaching modestly, from, agile enough,
Oh, it was written with leather buckle barefoot attitude ',
is that it was Carrig together forever.

Is Daniel my property, the youngest of my children that,
and two weeks from the day is that he arrived,
Without fast without meaning, since, without a soul 'of the heart,
But limbs are soft white are flat on the dtoinn .

There are others of my family of, from, or make some comments over nothing,
is Denis, my delete it, man cosnaithe my house,
that it used the deer as from wood, from, and the salmon from us,
Fideoga black mountain outside, is not lie the grouse.

My ruin my need, since, he's been dheaghamairne-ship,
Or event went together like the Wild Geese,
would my shúilse with Christ for your help again,
would my modest teaching of lúbairibh four stud.

Christmas is coming Christmas without desire,
At my four broinngheal love shruthaibh under the waves,
I could have my three 'is deep in the tsrúill,
For I would grieve them are extended in Aghadown.

And when I go on the sidelines, oh, when I look at me down,
when I see Carrig, from, burst my heart,
Oh, returned me again to crown of my head,
as she is Carrig 'is agem together as family.

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