Caisleán an tsléibhe

mountain Castle
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English (machine translation)

Out in the Méaracán Cliff Castle is perfectly done,
and not to léithéide seen this island yet,
is there squeezing the rain, the sun is from ngaoithe,
Permission sports and entertainment at the old and young.

Neither rocks nor mortar was being made,
The walls are smoother than big house parlor,
met Thursday evening I entered,
and pipers played feadógaí grouse is the music.

Not several occupational man ever went ACROSS the country,
'the exemption term is spent by many houses,
would survive the Gag is made ??to see the court,
not from life believed or mesmerized which Joe.

People walked America, England and Ireland,
could not recommend anywhere better
not done outside the court in the heart of the mountain,
has hundreds bound her far-reaching.

No clerk if any college mheabhraí built,
The more their learning is to write got a pen,
"could describe how she is dressed
as a severe as the sport is from bottom to top.

When the rain comes, yes to gather the people
Entrance from Round Lake is a lake Fore Valley,
would float the turf on the gcriathrach either side of you,
Be within a month and you will not fear any drop.

I came into it on Friday
nightfall a fog closed sea,
refurbished my bed and I had to stretch,
not I fhága again that Monday morning.

The grates ablaze from morning until night,
is the table overflowing there potatoes as meat,
are the bread generously spacious both cut their number there
are the tea and the butter there milk the cow.

The cow and the calf on the mbuaile at géimneach,
is bright bleating goats, sheep as a lamb,
is the badger barking at a rising of the sun,
is the kid is running and jumping in the dew.

The seagulls ola west from Sceirdí there,
is there corréisce nest swan and her brood,
sound is the mea-goat there, the blackbird is the thrush
would be sports and pleasure to the person who would remain there.

Now we have come to the autumn term there,
When is conducted the ladies from America come here,
when fixed by the war and the resolution
will castle we own the mountain to us later.

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