Buaireadh An Phósta

The Trouble With Marriage
This song appears on Clannad's sixth album Fuaim, released in 1982.

This song appears on Clannad’s sixth album Fuaim, released in 1982.

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English (machine translation)

Foaming at the heart of marriage
It is for all young boys
Dóbhta prefer not lovely little girl
Or puntai woman and her?
Great night snow or shiobtha
Was nice to chat with her
Rather than 'yellow black girl in his puntai
And complaining sharply

Not I played happy love
At ragaireacht day without sorrow
Or that I put my mhér in the ring
Corain in proof of program and his' n clergy
I found the woman ahead of me
But if so, she sang the love of my heart
But yellow black girl mirror list at srannfaí
She is pulling tsuisin

The night was my chleamhans Udai
According to books I wished Haunts
Twenty-nine cows promised me
With yellow black girl without beauty
Twenty-nine cows promised me
With yellow black girl senseless
But woe that I married my ever
In the maiden of the branches behind

Tuesday made my match
My ruin sharp m'amhgar
I took my followers Council
A big part of my aibhleas it
I definitely Marriage
On the women without beauty sahmahailt
Unfortunate extension is not 'my tombstone
I ere I gave my reason arrimh

When I go in to watch or funeral
He is the hoganai fhiafrionnn of me
"What 'as you mhothionn' n marriage
Or you mothúionn both claci of youth? "
Aithrisim amount loebha
I feel great that unfortunately
Udai the person is not married
He is a lifetime sport

I'm not no sense fadh deanery da
My spouse'd die
The night that dfagfainn 's' clay
In my own chodlóinn enough
Clothes I would buy a good suit
Hat and my white shirt
I would put my love of pleasure
And take off me sorrow 'n all

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