Buachaill Ón Éirne

A Boy From Ireland
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This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Michael McGlynn and John McGlynn. It appears on Anúna's eighth album Cyna more...

This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Michael McGlynn and John McGlynn. It appears on Anúna’s eighth album Cynara, released in 2000.

The origin of the slow air is quite disputed. Some say it was written in the early 1800s by Robert Tanahill of Paisley, Scotland. However, the use of the word “buachaill” as “young man” in Irish suggests that this song may be Irish in origin, since in Scottish Gaelic the word means “shepherd”.

From Áine Cooke

“At first glance, it would seem to be a bragart’s song and rather insulting to the poor girl to whom it is sung. However, if you consider all the attributes claimed by the man in the song to actually be the exact opposites of his actual place in life, then you can see how ‘tongue-in-cheek’, flirtatious and teasing the song really is!”

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I'm a boy from Ireland
And I could charm a nice young girl
I would not ask for her wealth
As I am rich enough myself
I own a good part of Cork
Two sides of the glen in Tir Eoghain
And not to repeat myself
I'm the heir of County Mayo

I will go tomorrow
To make ale in the wood
Without a cot, without a boat
Without a pinch of gruel with me
But leaves of the branches
As bedclothes over my head
And think well done for you
As you watch me from over there

A cowherd, my pet
I've never been accustomed to be
Instead of playing and drinking
With the nice young women on the mountainside
If I lost my riches
I probably didn't lose my senses
And your kiss is no more to me
Now than a shoe worn for a year

My darling and my love
Don't marry the gray old man
But marry a young man, my pet
If he only lives but a year
Or you will be
Without a descendant to succeed you
And you'd shed sorrowful tears
From morning 'til night

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