Beairtlín an gadaí

The Thief Beairtlín
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English (machine translation)

Story which I recite in a country in land,
Two tell weak to strong,
Two to the priests, then to the bishops,
Those to write to the Pope,
Psalm the curse read the altar
on anyone effectuating a shameful crime,
is guilty Beairtlín the thief as long as,
when he robbed without material Wallace.

He went day Saturday Colm connected chreathnaí,
is going back twice at home Peter Martin,
They were two attitudes and two to be observed,
They thought that the man was in a boat is,
talked Micil Thomas, consists said Peter,
'I think he is a person without shame,
I leave on my soul I will not into it
that I of obtaining that certificate it better.'

previously raised behind the debt,
is resilient it was downhill,
said Pat Food, 'Did not I fheice God,
If I miss it over Chuigéal forever.'

Talk Paddy Sean Walsh, when he resigned in the morning,
is said to son Bheairtlín Phádhraic,
'is a bad thing to have a thief among people honestly,
Or fall into sin because.'
Said Sean Walsh is Mac Rua require the portal,
is to keep it there until tomorrow,
so people would come Camas, Battle Ghlinn Ros Muc is,
is not know how that would be executed.

Said Kathleen Una, 'Best Rest to congestion,
not to give to the gCrúmpán is to drown,
Breathnaigí ahead, the cost will be very heavy,
is not paid to districts that never is.'
Had PAT Connolly outside watching night
In it bhfághadh it a glance,
But I'm ríbhuíoch for Catherine Martin
had given the blind deabhal as it drowned.

Two teaching ngéillfeá ordered St. Peter,
would not as a pirate you are,
You would ghéillfeá on the altar as the priest,
is perhaps God would the lucky,
Except your eyes to view, watch of Wallace,
is the villagers to mention you,
screeches Mhaidne the seaweed that you stole from Wallace,
is leaving you forever Beairtlín Thief.

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