Aréir is mé ag machnamh

Last night as I think
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English (machine translation)

Last night as I reflect on Jesus son of my Father
A weak sentenced to punishment in the Passion,
A was charged with sciúirsí mhínchneas firmly
on the daorchrois requiring Friday to death,
Jesus, son of Mary, save us from fire,
and a sharp drop in crime to doom us,
is as I understand your law-se that bhriseas,
Lem thoughts, my prodigy choirthibh not our case.

A robber 's rule is a sinner, is perverse in your talk,
clip your jaw dhrochbheatha and Mac Glendaw',
is if the amount in question dhéanfairse position to spend
not a danger to your soul finds no drochbhás,
Mary is a bhruinneall, you gram my club,
Provide me instead accompanied King Clear the Grace,
How is playing music from being sweet, glory be to let
your poor and each of ours; solutions to our case.

Whitechurch King of the universe, you gram enjoyment,
watch my soul and not to allow to stray,
is from thraochais the sweat to blood a sacred showers,
With no will to your Father to mankind save,
was the Jews being cut and being struck firmly,
did not pity them or their nImpire humidity of Grace,
was a mother near a dúchroíoch in woe,
is looking at a child to fatigue in the Passion.

All creatures are furious not concede ever for Mary
Day Mountain has become a sea will see the horror,
Blaomfaidh the fire, the man his dismissal,
the sun from us flowing and réalthainn center,
enter Michael Holy energy and he will be sheinim throimpéad
calling all persons from countries from shore,
will chlaonbhearta scrite on forehead every person
and King Ghléighil, add us on your right hand '.

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