An tSailchuach

The Violet
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English (machine translation)

When carrying fishermen from Galway tight fóirse,
The tO'Connell, although it cáilse great,
But she would not One Burren against storm and feochain,
In bhfeistfí Flower of Youth within the Aran Islands,
is draft by Patrick Shaw on exempted Fódhla Territory,
and not many where competition is,
as is not never failed to pocket it in the host's home,
and many serve man shaking hand.

It Padraic Joyce craftsman and I thousand top of him,
That patent taking wood together,
as is made ??by the glanbhád acclaimed across the riches,
and tell your own part to you both tréathra:
Oh, ropann She strongly against seas and gale,

She wet is undoubtedly a star,
But no good in my statement, the highest she is spray,
to fall as rain from the skies.
The two used to see the Violet, when she can harbors,
Lena flags perfectly noble gray in height,
and that priests and humility is coming their opinion,
as it exceeded the speed of the wind of March,
not ask oars come home in time,
is cared gray gale or téigle,
is work plane that almost all her thousand members,
and its wood OVERLAPPING thee not clear.

As I put the Violet about compendium God's Son Duach,
as is the boat right model is our has been made,
and that happiness is the crowds, when it carries in the harbor,
and the harvest is growing up for us beautifully,
has a boat Terrace threshing, and the crowds,
is the best of Kinsale hookers,
and that Walsh told me, swear interested coursed
as with bright púcáin from Gap.

And windy day large, I was in it at the address,
is will I remember forever on that day,
and that she gathered One Burren to rachmallach fog,
at the seas thóig she Gap,
When a ship King George in his fóirse impress her tight,
and that the time is sporting is the master,
and that he told me with hope, "in the scód Lom,
as unlike Flower of Youth is that the boats. '

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