An t-iolrach mór

The large multiple
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English (machine translation)

And I got so angry on early Sunday morning,
and I put my shoes on me to go to the Deer Country,
In the valley of the dead man was able to spin the big multiples me,
Not because the turf blight that it is sitting gróigthe.

I have not given sraoill a mercenary it, son fools the sources of,
Type sclabhais native and must Charlestown Yellow,
'That and my curse for you, without success again forever you,
Because you gave the young cock I was nestled allowing call. '

'Oh stop your mouth back and I maslaigh not so great,
By my oath and my mhóide not me who ate the bird,
as I would need to make a profit in the wool house burned,
As man formerly you always worthwhile in the drinking house. '

'But again go home and ask Nora,
That the name of the young woman was determined by scalding,
The Fluffy was a ribs, the fireplace is I got burned,
and we ate it in conjunction and we were all grateful. '

'Well you gave perjury, that sclabhaire not we ate in conjunction is
not anything such without the neighbors being grateful,
But you hung you about your two wings large,
and requires no quarter autumn or I will need a law. '

'Not some book storytelling with their tell me still thee,
is when chluinfeas you the voices, the deorachaí you down,
and you will discover the lore that the son of the Red Big I,
is if fighting you are pursuit, stand before and not bheidhir grateful. '

It did not suit him in the heroic army in cloth,
and the sword was sharper if possible to get,
I was the devil and my scythe hide but my shirt,
Or that we fought each other it was last in the day

Not due to fires was thunder weapons are dismantled,
and going under the sun forced me to say yes,
that he 'because the pair we fuss bull in a mountain valley,
and one man from Ireland challenge out how We preferred.

But the second fist raised yours I hit a bone to concede it,
I stretched it without falsehood and I sent a memorandum in which one,
consisted told me, 'Do not slay me as I propose that air you
as protect you famous Irish thankless later. '

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