An hide-and-go-seek

The hide-and-go-seek on
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English (machine translation)

Sea yesterday morning sees the girl Oh beauty, Her Limbs fainic complete, neatly She was clothed in green, A bag Her mouth was narrow and was rómhilis peak, And I Knew by her gaze she'd play the hide-and-go-seek on .

Your own dhruideas iarras she and her little kiss or three, She and they answered, 'Young man Making You are free too.' Se own dúrtsa her, 'If I dtiocfása as a wife, I'd house are to play the game Called hide-and-go-seek on. '

Answered the muse, she said that my way complacent, 'I'll be While tarry Until more of this world I'll see, as I am too young, fifteen for this autumn was Too young a great deal to play the hide-and-go-seek on. '

'Oh, do not sleep on his ear that has spent most of your popularity, Your mammy was an Younger than You When did she see your face, not creidse from anyone that would do otherwise your wife So come with me home and we'll play the hide-and-go-seek on.

'I have sheep love slóite totally alone, was soft and calf, And no one to care for the milk or the butter or cheese, Beirse carriage and I id you im sitting totally alone And When we'll come from walking, we'll I have jolly good This squeeze. '

'According to the most crooked is said in your heart, By your false seduction like Satan When he tempted Eve, would you elegant device that' there by you two argue There'd be no chance at member are'd marry a girl like me. '

'Most young girl walked with her ??while way, That I Might fortune later FAVOUR her progeny, look for Venus Cupid hosna fhúig with a heart, And if you will not join me my ghost will torment are in sleep. '

'Oh, have horns many cows are abroad,' she cried,
' The Parents That reared me, controlled by them I will be
Bring commendation name priests to below, If I it's right with my Parents, we'll play While the Rest are asleep. '

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