An binsín luachra

The Binsín rushes
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English (machine translation)

I was-in a summer morning góilt down through County Clare
and poultry woodland speaking to the trees that are siúinseáil,
Yes to turn me the ansacht proudest most of prizes snua,
and I gave true love humor her, as I ' she doubt apple flower.

Proud delightful morning on the banks of the wood perfectly green,
is my dogs a noble m'ais moving my hand and my gun,
Yes to chughamsa stuairín sees the fairness hair is white breast,
and she harvested material of the tribunal rushes greener growth.

And dh'fhéachas the existing harbors and I feel lonely noon,
is for my stuairín dhruideas up and got a couple kiss her,
But she told me that it huaibhreach, 'Wait and do not add me suanmhar ease,
and not scatter my bench Receiving after National rushes to his trouble. '

'It is, a little girl of rushes, two leagfása to measure a center,
on the banks of the wood Cruagh or listening to the sound of the beach,
as the priests will not hear it than anyone else the place,
Pending the speech for thrush and turns back the white blackbird.

'Oh, nice girl I'd prefer to hand me over to bhfeacaíos ever,
and both bpósfainn wicked witch, my lánchreach than survived years,
But marry you, my true love, a rear ring of dtrioplaí back,
is your I would bench love you are beautiful to you ever saw.

'It is, a little girl of rushes and feel yourself and stay smooth,
as not a case you have to worry in solitude as you yourself,
as if scatter me your rushes, not natural that many have,
and bainfeadsa bench thee great and further burden for her. '

Is it was a girl's room was in the evening as Bruis his hand,
as to where Opportunity than milking the cow is, a thrush The breast white,
Your thairringeodh examples Crown that róbhreá clothing programs,
Her true love of my heart and my confidence, she is my stuairín I die.

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