Amhrán Shéamais Uí Chonchúir

James O'Connor Song
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English (machine translation)

Two self suit clothing meant to get a gold flowing gray
On behalf of my poems for the Children of the Donegal side,
not my inclination fell Liútair recommend passage of side
A turned on his left hand and abandoned Son of Grace ;
And the sweetheart dhomsa bold soul then have two exams
on chnagaire of this district provided two obtain,
My own belief stifle such as the native mhada
And I have sorrow in time to account there.

Was born and not given the priesthood or of a clerk
the person who knows my story but to the Only Person only,
not game any two strongest not imreoinn measures first to
And my rent the time mblaoitear it certainly I am scarce;
Mary Fragrant And bright, kind daughter Anna as David,
was brighter than the sun's shining ray in a beautiful day
person surrenders thee not, reject a dtréithre,
CUL our heads that they expire is not a part we will.

As false virgin clean without you, Lady World you all,
M'impí you Drop is not my case I return,
Mary hast the Aonmhic the torture received from Herod
Wishing to give the human race under the seal of King Grace;
Do ceapaigíse, ladies, like that of mankind
As the Baby Jesus to descend found treasures of Grace,
as the Holy Father spent the four thousand bliantaí
after clean vessel in ndíthreibheach three quarters.

I regret the intention of the mountain, it is each person for our attracted to this world,
When will we all alike, is essential to carry a penalty in all cases,
part of them fastest, most which are unreasonable
and they indicated no thanks deviation for death;
the one who got rich lives profoundly him to South in the clay with
But scaoilteoigín of cloth and narrow-coffin programs,
the body bhradach false rear ones sale
and the poor soul being tortured and paying a penalty in each case.

Mary the wife she had not thought to do ever sin
But the apples fell fineness of the right side of the tree
grew a branch thríthi give light to you
and prize according to labor we are sure to find;
He's the man God had not unnatural ever horse, cow or sheep,
Do nothing if expensive it failed thereof sports,
has not he interested in a woman if bhreácha although pricey as did their children it,
Taking blood to heart tormented by the grace given us .

The group has not complied with his mother and her attitude upon the cross,
gold of life and two I find is not graphing it I who,
But from now you are God, the decision to hand over to us,
That they bring you self the grace and Say Amen.

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