Amhrán na mbád

Song of the boat
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English (machine translation)

And that is the pastime that long 'We do not look at the boats,
We work out in garrantaí or sitting on the hills,
had small boats and larger boats there, gleoiteogaí most púcáin,
But there is nothing today we see only the caltaí that were kept there.

And used boats many in the harbors there is no lie or ridicule is to say,
they were prepared and dressed in an address a bad day,
used the freed at the same time they do meet them,
and there has been always keeping their turf with Arranmore.

And did not hesitate or pains bones of the sailors in the past,
did not fear slavery them than anything two types,
was vigor sail a hand with them, God true, would need them,
as did the pension blind with access to, or red leathphínn the dole .

And not aithneoinnse good boatmen on the deck of a boat must,
at rífeáil with lanyards or high rise the-operational,
Le anchors and cables in every place on the feast it twice,
and that was the best of men behind her the two lED is attached.

And two told us in done before that the boats as rare,
consisted would say the old people would not be an alternative,
But put lorries on the road, and missed the boat traffic,
and will the lorries again choíchin of not succeed petrol scarce.

Two turns down to Galway you or in the town,
would drink available free on you that you give at home drinking,
From, commencing the breach is heroic then by boat preferred to sail,
is not exactly the the wearing former boatmen time ago.

And fly on said St. Peter of the sailors who died,
'Oh, I open the gates Evening! As my hand is,
Oh, not throw out the anchor not withdrawn forever,
and will have food and drink heaven of you as because of your ndeacháil. '

And had him boatmen behind the harbor, were my relatives that my people,
I as father and mother, not praise them the top,
was Micil Pháidín one of them had a reputation far-reaching,
is Joe morning had not beaten bhFínis inside in almost ever day.

And my bheannachtsa to Ireland, with the sailors that the boats,
as here in London England is the time is getting short,
But concerning the election of the freed past me, people talk and people drinking,
is, of course, elected men sea, with a large boat gleoiteogaí.

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