Amhrán Leitir Calaidh

Song Letterkenny Port
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English (machine translation)

In dinner Friday hit three of us down to the boat,
And was going back across the bay We are not just rowing two
The gale was as strong as that man keeps his head bowed,
And in the evening we were fitted behind Cliff gcrompán the

We went walking until we see a piece of the place,
Ireland if we siúilfeadh not arise whilst traveling anywhere better for us,
And the next century was welcomed in every home if we went there,
And the tea had been prepared for us so strong is the flood on the beach.

You've heard mention of Waterford County Meath,
Clarinbridge, Kinsale is that he is up to,
Galway, Oughterard, Killarney is their milking abraínn King,
The town was yon over the top of all bhailteachaí.

The wheat if there fuint tonnes and plenty of white flour,
Sauce accordingly each type there are set of programs,
No joking now than lie in what I'm saying,
As I spent the day yesterday there are no demands on leave indefinitely.

The abundant potatoes, oats and barley yellow,
Acres planted all prospects seen both sides,
Since you leave the Ros or may you go to the Yellow Stream,
Devil the house on the way but with slate castles.

The town is not rich, a silver and gold,
The butter milk there is enough to eat is to drink,
The next gardens there results in the tree bar,
Both salted and currants with sugar there if ACROSS taking the bread.

The water well has a shoulder of the hill below the south,
Not sensitive it both explosion drought it to heat the stones,
Liked thee drink honey, wine, brandy, abraínn their beer,
Do not draw a bucket of initial morning to drink.

When the day thagas rough arises is when the high sea,
Vessels have to impress her and gleoiteogaí find a tree,
Friend Sandy a new valid Islands east cliff you the rain,
No swimming but calm or may you go to Annaghvaan.

There are the nicest girls if you ever saw,
He would be childish age thóigfidís up his heart,
not ask for any taste but talking to them day and night,
and to uphold the snow listening to the voice of their heads .

Since I walked the ground since I heard the first tune of music,
many long night I spent with joy sports,
But anywhere our I stood I did not like yet,
would gcaithinn there weeks 'fly would they say,' Wait yet. '

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