Amhrán Fhoirnise

Song Fhoirnise
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English (machine translation)

Oh, I will write a letter tomorrow Foirnis
I will buy a two pence stamp paper,
The description I gave my girlfriend to her love,
And fhanfad in this place again unless she dtige.

Oh, leithéide not you see the Aran Islands in Ireland,
The plant was that it was bhreáichte ever went ACROSS the country,
Long hair had to go back down past her waist,
The person is thóigfeadh hand, would be all his life.

And so many girl from Galway Carna
From Cork Malbay milking thence to King,
And the person would see on any hill accurate only,
And she would overshadow all nice women.

Not a nice thing when you see a swan floating it,
Or bundle May peak is playing on the championship,
Not great in question Cearbhallán, harp musician,
But she would top him with sweet voice to emerge.

He was only a week when I got a reply,
That did me a thousand welcomes but entry to the house,
Story from her father and that he was happy,
It contained her dowry, a cow and a calf.

Oh, got up in the morning as soon as the day was there,
I found the coracle from John and I brought my face down,
I was only half way when it blew a gale,
The large boats were taking a tree two up past me.

Cnogaí was like 'I and dined oak oars,
Ngeobhá boat where bets are not resolved than it should,
It took me only half since I left the White Cliff
I was in a rope harbor Dan Martin I landed.

Who but Mathew would see standing on the cliff before me,
Oh, he laughed and he bent his head about,
'He would look right to you, not to say you are very small,
But you are as strong as the calf's father. '

Kelly and Thomas came chaon bottle in hand,
'From me tight forth or that may you drink a drop,
Or I'll have the difficult out of your bones,
Drink a quarter as you do not lose a penny. '

It is the island of American forward is healthy,
No man, woman or boy or any sick old man,
There is no frost and snow, the rain is not recognize,
But sun every day and is flashing over them.

Oh, I spent a week there before I could leave
Every night that white day we had fun music,
Over the week, I will buy the ring
Is found will be my darling I like domains.

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