Amhrán an tobac

Song tobacco
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English (machine translation)

Scríobhfad letter by De Valera in Irish in the Dáil,
Will he read a piece about the law about the place,
Something I practiced now by far, my pipe to keep full,
But it is now on my hearth I taste is not to be there.

And the tobacco is sacred herb growing this from the beginning of life,
The thing that was so daily to, why to be so expensive?
And thee would not be better in the morning burning steam or honey bee on board,
But by setting a fourth crown him, not one of you would be able to it.

And twice a piece of it in your pocket or on one of the stools with t'ais,
Two would you regret not heartache, he was able to return,
Two dtéiteá smoke out in the garden and let the wind,
And it would let you know your ghraithe promotion.

When properly think it is also the hearth I myself,
In that time I used two cut a connection would put in my mouth,
But now there is no taste to do I just dipped my head about me,
Is the water is coming from and from my ghialltrachaí m'fhiacla with desire.

And must not the destruction of the tobacco Ireland disappearing,
It leigheasfeadh Not the old people at home sick,
It leigheasfeadh not the back pain of them, his heart and headache,
Our health is not it every morning with my two cutting knife.

And that is a pity that I do not know where it is growing,
And two were on my knees shiúilfinn there, most of fhéachfainn with wept there,
I is not not stop and I chónóidh I will stand in one place,
Or that I will dhaoibhse news, ladies, where it is growing.

The man turns to me most of the morning paper in his hand,
He read out the litreachaí and said, 'Wait a atáir'
When comes the spring quarter, tobacco will provide you with,
And will be sold on the piece pen when the full budget. '

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