Amhrán an tae

Song of the tea
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English (machine translation)

Saturday afternoon before going under the sun,
I saw a couple who own a garden,
The woman is complaining, describing the tea,
The man did not want her to comment.

The man:
Well, you are always putting down the tea,
And the day it is you that you have not seen it,
Go and get me smoking from good self,
I will share you feac or the spade.

The woman:
Which is my way? Where meant to get thee?
But connecting two egg hen they did last night,
Something that you took at Christmas, you still did not pay,
This amount is a relatively rare at the children.

The man:
I am appointing a despicable manner
His work is nothing dhuitse two over,
Two negative begins by any man in the country,
I find that some tobacco from wages.

The woman:
Is ask their work throughout your life,
Smoking allowing two wind,
Show how your good or your property,
And not entertaining the children for lunch?

The man:
Two dtéinnse or east to Galway to Headford,
Kinvara over or out milking King,
I arise whilst traveling home weeks or months
In saothraínn drár and báinín value.

The woman:
Well, before you left and you came again,
You did not see a crown, shilling pens,
Lie on your bed for sick thaobhannaí,
The cold is deep in your bones.

The man:
Stop your mouth longer, to amaid of shraoill,
Or i'll beat you bhrisfeas your back,
At war by confrontation you spent your life,
The same fashion that your mother.

The woman:
If I'm in m'amaid, is that I am in my shraoill,
Shirt on my skin as black as the whim,
I sold that I had I paid the rent,
And so it left my hands empty.

The man:
Something I told you already, and you say,
Unless you therefrom future voices of my mouth,
Stopa Marine you now and let the tea,
Soon you will not dwelling house.

The woman:
I have long been keeping the house,
Is not seen my drink should not my grip,
Unless many scilléad ólfainn morning two pens,
There would be a drop in the house for the children.

He went to Galway to prepare a legal man,
But he would not be talking to without leathghine yellow,
'Be my predecessor in Spiddal on Thursday morning,
And I am sure that I will resolve this situation. '

The couple was in Spiddal day morning,
But damn taste was just placed on the ready,
Nor has the two most birch only joking,
But I think that the children lost.

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