Amhrán an bháinín

Song bháinín
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English (machine translation)

And three women from Letterkenny Port spin around in place
And they had to go 'around me that my bháinín ghoideadar,
It did not take long that the day blew bháistigh
And I could not go to a shelter, that I wet into bone.

And indeed self, girls, I had convinced myself
Not to have to go making fun of me that you came to me,
Oh, I heard a reputable honest hin city but as was the case
And constitutes' the home lads are saying, 'Which of you did it?'

Oh, they placed me in cutaway and they went to my chláradh
And leonadar my feet, my head and my hands,
Oh, they gave me killing the calf and I could not leave
But all is not exactly the worst I consider itself I just drown.

And when that was done, they had not snatched the ass,
The skull and two ngearrfaidís him, I was not able to continue,
Since I announced my sheanbhéic that I asked them to stand,
They comprise not stopfainn said, they had been cleared I strangled.

Oh, I tell Hello, neighbors, it is not the story I contrived,
I home it issue is not just hide my shirt,
A going past me at the house I heard the sea contracts bhéiceach
My one and stick them bháinín are going east over the pier head.

Diomuach getting me to morrow morning,
Oh, I went away from home and I collected wood Sea east,
Oh, man turns under way is to imitate me my case twice,
Comprise said, 'Turn home because you'll never have it.'

Oh, I said that I met that I gcasfainn the road,
And I was in Belfast Dingle before it was evening,
Oh, I met a man I recognized and he put before me welcome,
'Oh, how long since you left the home or what place you met?'

'Since you put me question, what harm for me to tell you?
Oh, I shall ask of you two words: my bháinín you seen? '
What we said, 'I'm positive it is not far from the scene,
Did you see the knackers are camping at the traffic? '

And I put on my plate jellyfish and I passed under gcása,
And I met in the camp there is not turned the cláradh,
Two extent already beaten me and that was not a little 'un I executed,
When Old Tom Mhaughan successful and I split a saucepan.

And what is called by me to lore, poetry than described,
And my reputation around the mbailteachaí is all over across the country?
But Port Letterkenny women they left me without báinín
Never again is remains habits while I, not I seen the other side.

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